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Kristin Grieneisen

Biography & CV


Kristin has been making and designing costumes for Theater for over two decades, since her High School days in Charlotte, NC. While her passions for Theatre and Costumes have remained constant, her skill set has improved considerably since then, with experience in draping/patterning, tailoring, millinery, and hairpiece ventilation, among others... 


She completed her MFA degree  in 2013 from the School of Theater at Ohio University in Athens, OH. Following that, she lived briefly in Las Vegas, NV, where she worked for Cirque du Soleil's Zarkana, before eventually moving to beautiful Santa Barbara, California, where she worked as a Cutter/Draper for the Department of Theater & Dance at UCSB for several years.

She is currently the Costume Shop Supervisor for the Department of Theatre and Dance at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, after starting there in Fall of 2018. She has no current plans to leave the East Coast again anytime soon, and enjoys occasionally freelancing with other companies like Children's Theatre of Charlotte and the Hayes School of Music at App State.


Any professional/design inquiries can be directed to, or through the "Contact" page of this website.


Click the link below for a link to my full CV. Abbreviated Design Resume, Technical Resume, and Wardrobe Resume are available upon request.

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